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"I am a human being, whatever that may be. I speak for all of us who move
and think and feel and whom time consumes. I speak as an individual unique
in a universe beyond my understanding, and I speak for man. I am hemmed in
by limitations of sense and mind and body, of place and time and circumstances,
some of which I know but most of which I do not. I am like a man journeying
through a forest, aware of occasional glints of light overhead with recollections
of the long trail I have already traveled, and conscious of the wider spaces ahead.
I want to see more clearly where I have been and where I am going, and above
all I want to know why I am where I am and why I am traveling at all."
~ "Man's Emerging Mind" by John Berrill 1974
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Some area Schools are in big trouble and the solutions are beyond most of us.
Our fine administrators are dealing with an enormous problem and even if
we knew the right things to do . . . it could take years to implement.
It is the Students and the Community that will suffer.

Each Local Community Could Play a Big Part . . .

Helping make the area schools safe and interesting places to learn.
We should all Volunteer some time and talent to these Schools
and we'll all be looking to a Bright Future . . . Together.

Everyone Working Together Is the Solution !!
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We're Empowering Hearts . . . with Rhythm & Music
I am Taking Drums & Percussion Instruments into Western New York Schools.

Interactive Shows Allowing Groups of All Sizes to Explore Sounds & Rhythm !!
It's Intensive Workshops, Weekly Residencies and Fun Performances . . .

(Please see the 'Workshops Etc Page' for more detailed descriptions.)
"Follow your bliss . . . and doors will open where
there were no doors before." ~ Joseph Campbell

Our community absolutely must find new ways to turn on the 'Light'
in each and every child. When their light goes dim someone has to
brighten a known path. If their desires and hopes fade we simply
must be there to help rekindle them again. This bright Light will
inspire our children to follow dreams and make a difference.

Joy is In That Light  .  .  .  Please Give Them Light !!
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