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17+ Years I've been Fortunate to Drum with a Variety of Organizations,
Businesses, Groups, Schools, Churches, Fund Raisers,
& Foundations.

Below are Some of These Great Clients ! !

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“I like it very much.” ~ Maxine

“Jeff has a lot to share with us.” ~ Pam Perkins

“Always great people... and rhythms! Jeff makes everyone
feel welcome and comfortable with whatever level you're at with
drumming, this makes me smile from the inside out.”
~ Toni Sidari

“Fun, friendly, great time together... WE'VE Got Rhythm !!!” ~ Karen Lau

“Wonderful, friendly group of people... and Jeff makes drumming
seem so easy, fun, and pressure-free.”
~ Valarie Starowitz

“I love the drumming and I love everyone's friendly attitude.
And Jeff is wonderful and kind!!!” ~
Michele Rapalee

“Jeff is keeping the beat alive!” ~ Howard Weinblatt
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To the Programs Page !!
"The workshops were well received by staff and clients
with many positive comments. I am grateful to you for
your knowledge, skills and excellent group facilitation
skills. I highly recommend your drumming classes
to anyone."
~ David G. Markham, L.C.S.W.-R
"Thank you for being such a major contributor to the
success of the September Fest for the third year in a
row !! Your strong and continuing sense of community
volunteering, and  your flexibility regarding venue is
greatly appreciated. It is a pleasure to work with you!"
~ Norm Frisch - Coordinator 2006
"We want you to know that Jeff Mann
has been an asset to our organization.
We are fortunate to have such an individual
providing services to our youth."
~ Andrea Brown
"Your program was both fun and educational.
I was especially impressed with your ability to
get them drumming so quickly. I look forward
to working with you in the future."
~ Tracy Lewis
"Your workshop at our 2010 Fair was very well-received, and with many
fine comments. People of all ages had fun! I know there initially was
some question about an Africa drumming workshop being part
of a Fiddler's Fair. Happily, those concerns proved to be
totally groundless."
~ Herb Tinney - Music Committee Chair
"Jeff Mann Drums is a fantastic cultural asset ! !
He brings a great energy to any audience regardless
of age, ability, or background. My personal view of
Mr Mann is that of a warm community educator
who is inclusive on all fronts."
~ Steve Appleton
"Thank you so much for the drumming and communications
presentation during the Rochester AmeriCorps two-week
training. Team Building is an important part of our
trainings, and you provided an excellent activity.
We would love to use you again."
~ David Monroe
To the Programs Page !!
To the Programs Page !!
“I look forward to them when I am in town.
Good instruction, good people, fun!”
~ S Taylor

“Loved it! Jeff Mann is a terrific teacher and is
very knowledgeable about drumming.”
~ Denise Miller

“This was just my second time but I will attend many more.” ~ P. Patterson

“This is uplifting and relaxing at the same time. This is a nice, friendly group
of people. Jeff is a great facilitator, and makes everyone feel welcome.”
~ Lee

“Rhythms of the healing drums continue to transform all to a higher
level of personal awareness and fulfillment. Jeff is the master
of the Healing Drum Circle. I will be back.”
~ Chet Fery

“Jeff tries to make this something special for
each of us. Thank you Jeff.”
~ Betty Lipka
"Jeff did an outstanding job relating to the second and third
grade students. He was very informative about West African
culture and the tradition of drumming. Most of all, Jeff made the
learning fun! African drumming is a cooperative learning skill."
~ Carol Miller - Music Teacher
To the Photo Album !!
To the Photo Album !!
SUNY Brockport's
African Dance Class - Fall 2005
SUNY Brockport's
African Dance Class - Spring 2006
A Reference Letter from Master Drummer Khalid Saleem !!
My 1st Appointment to SUNY Brockport's Dept of Dance !!
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My 2nd Appointment to SUNY Brockport's Dept of Dance !!
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To the Programs Page !!
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Letter from Carol Miller -  Music Teacher
2005 Dept of Dance Appointment
2006 Dept of Dance Appointment
My African Drum Teacher's Recommendation
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