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The Seven Evidence-Based Elements of

HealthRHYTHMS: Group Empowerment Drumming

Stress-Reduction, Exercise, Self-Expression, Nurturing,
Spirituality, Camaraderie/Support, and Music-Making
Barry Bittman, M.D. Explains Benefits of HealthRHYTHMS
Health Rhythms Group Empowerment Drumming harnesses so many elements of wellness in one activity that anyone
can enjoy. According to Karl Bruhn, Father of the Music-Making and Wellness Movement, "Without the obstacle of a
challenging learning curve, group drumming is an enjoyable, accessible, and fulfilling activity from the start for young
and old alike. From exercise, nurturing and social support, to intellectual stimulation, spirituality and stress
reduction, group drumming stimulates creative expression that unites our minds, bodies, and spirits!"

Remo's Health Rhythms is on the forefront of establishing a solid foundation for proving the biological benefits of drumming.
Barry Bittman, M.D. and his renowned research team discovered that a specific group drumming approach
(the HealthRHYTHMS protocol) significantly increased the disease fighting activity of circulating white blood cells.

According to
Remo Belli, the Founder and CEO of Remo, Inc., "It's time to stop thinking of the drum as just
a musical instrument. Start thinking of the drum as a recreational tool for every family, a wellness
tool for every retiree, and an educational tool for every classroom."

(Please Feel Free to Contact Me for Your Copy of Dr Bittman's Published Research.)
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