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Thank You All for the Kind and Generous Support ! !
Mickey Hart's Global Drum Project !!
Mickey Hart's Global Drum Project !!
Mickey Hart's Global Drum Project !!
Mickey's Universe of Sound !!
To Mickey Hart Net !!
To Mickey Hart Net !!
To Mickey Hart Net !!
Inspiration Comes from Many Sources . . . One of My Favorites is MICKEY HART
=>  Drummer for the Grateful Dead, the Planet Drum CDs
& Books, appointed to
Smithsonian for his Ethnomusicology Research and Preservation, Honored by the
US Senate, Two Emmy's AND recently for his Global Drum Projects . . . Enjoy !!
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The Magic is Where You Make It !!
Sometimes the Magic's in Miami !!
Photo - Tony Almeida
Photo - Dan Reyes
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Saving the Best for Last...
I'm Tremendously Inspired by
Gloria y Emilio Estefan
The Best Local Drum Source
Paul Musilli's
Buffalo Drum Outlet
5872 Transit Road
Depew, NY 14043
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It's just South of Route 90s 'Exit 49' on Transit Road in Depew, New York !!
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Visit Peavey Dot Com !!
The Best Pro Audio Equipment
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To the Sound Source Web Site !!
John Castronova and Company !!
Call, Click, or Visit their Awesome Store !!
Call, Click, or Visit their Awesome Store !!
They'll Be Happy to See You !!
Call: (585) 271-5370
161 Norris Drive - Rochester, NY 14610
South Off the I-490 onto Culver Rd
then East on Norris Drive... Easy !!
Tell them Jeff Mann (Tribe Still) Sent You !!
It's Just South of I-90's Exit #49 . . . On the West Side of Transit Road
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My Favorite Drums & Percussion Equipment are
from WULA, REMO,
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A Rhythm Seeker's Treat by Jim Donovan
Co-Founder of 'Rusted Root' -AND- My Drum Teacher / Mentor
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The 2013 Great Rhythm Revival !!
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The Vibratory World
Beyond Planet Drum
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Hand Drumming
Is Great for Your
Health & Well Being
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Christine Stevens' UpBeat Drum Circles
Your Life on Drums
Beat for Peace in Iraq
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"Words Communicate Thought...
Music Communicates Energy"
- Christine Stevens

Iraq Drum Circles
Beat for Peace Iraq
Drumming for Peace in Iraq
Peace in Iraq - Part 4
Mysterium Tremendum
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