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"One of the fundamental things that we know about our Universe is that everything in it is vibrating,
is in motion, and has rhythm. Every molecule, every atom is dancing its own unique dance, singing its
signature song. In the beginning there was noise, and noise begat rhythm, and rhythm begat everything
else. This is a kind of cosmology that a drummer can live with !!  Spirit Drumming is like an organic
compulsion to translate the emotional fact of being alive into sound, into rhythm and into
something you can dance to. This excitement we feel, when we hear it, tells us that
the door into other realms is opening."  ~
Mickey Hart
"Follow your bliss . . . and doors will open where
there were no doors before."  ~ Joseph Campbell
"We are all pioneers, but very few of us have taken the time or
seized the opportunity to see for ourselves what lies just beyond
or just behind the familiar world. After all, life is not about being
a marketplace conquistador who has misinterpreted the meaning
of abundance and is willing to sacrifice others for commercial
gain, any more than it is about running off to the mountains and
shaking rattles, beating drums and imitating Indians." ~
Eric Jendresen
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"Music is nothing less than the picture of our Beloved, and our Beloved is
that which is our source and our goal. If we could only listen to the voice of
all the beauty that attracts us in any form, we would find that in every aspect it
tells us that behind all manifestation is the perfect Spirit, the spirit of wisdom.
Music inspires the soul and is the language of beauty." -
Sufi Inayat Kahn
What is Spiritual Awakening ??

Life is becoming more and more artificial everyday, and if sound and rhythm
were understood in their nature and character, then music would not only be
used as a pastime, but would become a source of healing and upliftment ...
music answers the deepest demands of our souls.

Through self-discovery and personal healing, many people are beginning to
realize that Human Kind is preparing to make a quantum leap forward into
a new spiritual awareness. This will only be possible with the emergence
of people like you who break the old habits of skepticism and denial
to find their own intuitive way of uplifting the world.

Although each person is separate and independent, we are all connected to the
patterns of intelligence that govern the whole cosmos. Our physical bodies
are part of a universal body, and our minds an aspect of a universal mind.
This universe is made up of pure dynamic energy that creates all the forms
and substances of what we call reality. Because energy is interconnected,
it is malleable to human consciousness through the Action of Intention.

Our radiating thoughts and feelings can cause energy to flow out into
the world and then affect other energy systems. If you sincerely
desire to make a real contribution to others, through your life and
work, you are already radiating out a level of support that will
assist in the growth of new thinking.

Information seems to come to us when we need it. Perhaps information is a
constant stream, and our intention starts a 'sorting' process for relevancy and
need. When we use our gifts and abilities with the right Intention, things come
to us.  As we shift to a higher vibration, messages tend to flow more quickly.
Expect that during the day you'll encounter people who have messages relevant
to your needs. Since we never quite know how universal energy will appear
with a message for us, you must look for messages in the events of the day.
It's all about Energy !!

We can no longer look out at the world around us and think of everything perceived
as composed of material substance. We are coming to know the universe as a vast
field of energy, a quantum world in which all phenomena are interconnected and
responsive. We have access to this universal energy through ourselves, and we can
project it outward with our thoughts and intentions, influencing our reality and others.
It is the energy field that surrounds you that connects us to the universe and creation.

Too often people cut themselves off from the greater Source of Energy. To gain energy
we have all learned to manipulate or force others to give us attention and thus give us
their precious energy. When we successfully dominate others in this way we feel
more powerful, but they are left weakened and will often fight back. Competition
for scarce 'Human Energy' is the cause of all conflict between people.

The exchange of energy happens so constantly and everywhere, that we are barely aware
of it until our energy is perceptively drained or increased. When we compete with our
communication instead of giving our energy and full attention to a speaker, the flow
of information slows to a point where no one gains. By observing our own and
other people's interactions, we can learn to become more conscious of this
competition and begin to understand the underlying nature of conflict.

As we become more aware, we will also come to realize that energy gained in this
way doesn't last very long. Further awareness helps us realize that the true energy
we seek comes from a universal source. This universal source of energy is infinite
and open to all beings. When you give yourself to others, through will and intent
and in recognition of beauty; this universal source instantly refills you with all
the energy that you have used and sometimes more.

We must transcend the struggle amongst ourselves and begin to engage each other
in ways that benefit all of us. This will clear us to become that which we really are
and free us from the unconscious games we play. To do this we must all begin to
learn to build our energy level and connect with the Higher Self.
Becoming More Spiritual !!

Awareness of how we all vie for energy is the first step toward reclaiming
our own power. Balance will begin to be restored when we stop tapping
into others for our Energy Charge and begin to look inside ourselves for
our connection to Spirit. Once we stop depending on control as a way
to make things happen, our lives will miraculously open up.

A key point in Spiritual Evolution is to increase consciousness about
yourselves and the universe. You will be presented with all that you
need to be aware of, but be patient as your new insights need time
to become integrated with your whole belief system. Your life has
a purpose that is in the process of being revealed to you. Keep
your current questions in the forefront of your attention and
whenever there is need for clarification; ask the universe.

In Sanskrit breath is called Prana, the very life. And what is voice?
Voice is breath. If there is anything in life, in man's constitution,
which may be called life it is breath. And the sound of the voice
is breath manifested outwardly. Therefore a person can best express
himself in song or what they say. If there is anything in the world
that can give expression to the mind and the feelings, it is the voice.

Very often it happens that a person speaks on a certain subject
with a thousand words, and it has no influence; yet another person
who expresses a thought in a few words can make a deep impression.
This shows that the power is not in the words, but what is behind the
words; in the psychological power of the voice which comes from Prana.

A major contribution to a Spiritual Awakening in the West has been
made by those who began to study and practice some of the Eastern
philosophies and healing arts. This influx of good information about
the mind / body connection has contributed significantly to expanding
our perceptions of the world. It has given us a tremendous tool for
accessing the unlimited range of Universal Energy. Discipline and
Intention make this path available to all who wish to apply themselves.

The driving impulse in Human Beings to connect with the spiritual
domain is an extremely powerful and important force. Denial
and repression of this transcendental impulse introduces a serious
distortion into human life on both an individual and collective scale.
Remember that you live in a universe of pure energy, and at
anytime you have this energy available to you.
Why Spirit Drumming ?!

Spirit Drumming, and some music, is not just a source of amusement
or a pastime; it is both the source of creation and the means of
absorbing it. The music of the universe is the background of
the small picture which we call music. Our sense of music,
our attraction to music, shows that there is music in the depth
of our being. Music is behind the working of the whole universe.

What makes us feel drawn to music is that our whole being is music; our mind
and our body, the nature in which we live, the nature of what has made us, all
that is beneath and around us . . . it is all music. Music interests us and attracts
our attention and gives us pleasure, because it corresponds with the rhythm
and tone which are keeping the mechanism of our whole being intact.

There are different ways of listening to music. There is a technical state, when
a person who is developed in technique and has learned to appreciate better
music, feels disturbed by a lower grade of music. But there is a spiritual way,
which has nothing to do with technique. It is simply to tune one's self to the
music; therefore the spiritual person does not worry about the grade of the music.

The spiritual person will cultivate the sense which raises a person by the help of
vibration to the higher planes. No doubt the power of music depends upon the
grade of spiritual evolution that a person has touched. There is nothing
better than music as a means to uplift the soul.

The word Spiritual does not apply to goodness, or to wonder-working, the
power of producing miracles or to great intellectual power. The whole of
life in all its aspects is one, single music; and the real spiritual attainment
is to tune one's self to the harmony of this perfect music.

When we use our will and our intent to share ourselves openly and honestly with
a drumming group, we can become one vibrating field of energy that is receptive
to Spirit. It is very easy to jump right in and join the fun. The more you learn
and practice; the easier it will be to link up, find a voice, and speak as a group.
A Friendly Etiquette for Open Jams & Drum Circles

1) The Goal of Our 'Open Jam Drumming' is to Have Fun and to Share in the Live Experience.
2) It's traditional for the drummers to be grouped by their skill level, function, and volume... so
that the less skilled drummers do not dominate, and the quieter drummers can be heard...
giving the drum circle a clear focus.  3) Part of your skill should be the ability to influence
the less skilled drummers through playing.  4) Watch the other drummers.  If you can't
see or hear what they are doing, you should play more quietly and with fewer notes.
5) Drummers playing badly, but quietly, are no problem.  If you're not sure what to
do, by all means feel free to fake it.  6) The emphasis here is on instinctive and
inspirational rhythms... rather than the rehearsed or formal ones.  * smiles *
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The following are from our great discussions at the Weekly
Drum Sessions . . . and the words that inspired them.*
"The Celestine Prophecy", "The Tenth Insight", "The Celestine Vision" & "The Secret of Shambhala"
by James Redfield 1993, 1996, 1997 & 1999 Warner Books, USA. "Drumming at the Edge of Magic"
& "Planet Drum" by Mickey Hart with Fredric Lieberman and Jay Stevens - 1990 & 1991 Harper Collins, USA
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