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There you will find links to many articles about the research
that's recently been done on the positive physical, mental,
spiritual, and emotional effects of Group Drumming.
To REMO Health Rhythms !!
"One of the fundamental things that we know about our Universe is that everything in it is
vibrating, is in motion, and has rhythm.  Every molecule, every atom, is dancing its own
unique dance, singing its signature song.  In the beginning there was noise, and noise
begat rhythm, and rhythm begat everything else.  This is a kind of cosmology that
a drummer can live with  .  .  .  Spirit Drumming is like an organic compulsion to
translate the emotional fact of being alive into sound, into rhythm, and into
something that you can dance to.  This excitement we feel, when we hear
it, tells us that the door into other realms is opening."
~ Mickey Hart
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Drumming has been used for centuries for the purpose of healing, ritual,
and celebration. Using the ancient wisdom passed down by indigenous
peoples, we can use harmony and balance to raise our positive
vibrations and promote healing for ourselves and each other.

Research shows that drumming is great for the health and vitality
of body, mind, and spirit. In these sessions,
Jeff Mann will teach the
basic drum techniques to produce a good sound, why we use our voice to
learn rhythms, and how to find, explore, and express your Inner Spirit Voice.

As time allows, we will travel through different exercises that lower stress
levels, improve the body's immune response, increase an overall sense
of well being, and strengthen your connection to the One Tribe...
This is when the Magic Happens and the Healing Begins ! ! !

You Must Pre-Register.
There's a Maximum number people.
Drums and materials are all provided.
If you have a Conga or Djembe... Bring it!
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Bring something cool to drink.
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This Summer
One - 2 Hour Session

Location: TBA
Time:  TBA
Cost:  $25.00 ($35)
The Classes
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Recreational Music Making &
Group Empowerment Drumming

No Musical Experience Necessary  /  Accessible to Everyone

Stress-Reduction, Team Building, Exercise, Self-Expression,
Intro to Music, Spirituality, Camaraderie & Support, and Much More !!
A General Class Description
My Newest Class:
"Healing Drums - 101"
Healing Drums - 201

A Couple's Class
Teens Only Drums
Single Parent Drumming
"Follow your bliss  .  .  .  and doors will open where
there were no doors before."
 -  Joseph Campbell
The Facts are in . . .
Drumming is Good for
Your Health
& Well Being !!

Check for Yourself at this Web Site:
My Years of Experience Will Provide a Fun
Activity Created Specific to Your Group...
Call Me Soon to Schedule a Class !!
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