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SUNY Brockport's
African Dance Class - Fall 2005
SUNY Brockport's
African Dance Class - Spring 2006
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Jeff, Jackie Lane & 'Maestro' Khalid Saleem
Mendon Ponds Park, New York - Summer 2005
Stan, Laura & Khalid !!
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All Made Possible By... and I'm Extremely Grateful For:
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Laura and Jeff both come from families in the teaching
profession. As we've looked back at our separate lives
growing up, we seem to have traveled similar paths that
eventually led us to each other. It was a lovely winter's
day, the 21st of July in 1990, when we were married at
Laura's hometown church in Lambayeque, Peru. This
has been a wonderful start for our dreams coming true.

A Partnership that Can't Be Measured by Material Gains !!
Lala at Machu Picchu !!
At Niagara Falls USA !!
Alpaca Wool for the Cool Andean Nights !!
21 July 1990, Lambayeque, Peru !!
True Love on Peru's North Coast !!
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All About Jeff Mann Drums
Yes We Can
Kuku Jam
A Pimentel Tradition
Walking In Miraflores
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A Reference Letter from Master Drummer Khalid Saleem !!
My 1st Appointment to SUNY Brockport's Dept of Dance !!
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Stan, Laura, and Khalid
Sagawa Park in Brockport
My 2nd Appointment to SUNY Brockport's Dept of Dance !!
I've Hosted & Facilitated Rhythm-Based Events,
Drum Classes, Residencies, Performances,
Workshops, Drum Circles, and Jams...

Ranging in Size from Four to
Four Hundred and for All Ages ! !

At Area Schools, Organizations, Groups,
Businesses, Churches, Fund Raisers,
and Foundations for 15
+ Years
I've Always had a 'Fascination' with Drums & Percussion !!

But it was in 1988, that I got my first taste of West African Drumming...

=>  In the Mid-90's, SUNY Brockport hired a Master Drummer to teach classes.
I attended many sessions of Khalid Saleem's Community Drumming at the college.
In 2004, I began an intensive two-year training with Khalid... student / assistant,
and was appointed as a volunteer, by NY State, to the Department of Dance.

=>  In 2011,  I attended
REMO's HealthRHYTHMS Basic Course, AND
Jim Donovan's Drum Circle Facilitator/Teacher Training . . . plus several
of Jim's day-long classes and workshops. I am honored to consider
myself a part of the Rhythm Revival, and look forward to Much
More from
Jim Donovan . . . Teacher / Mentor / Friend ! !
Jeff with Jim Donovan !!
Teacher | Mentor | Friend . . . Jim Donovan !!
Enabled Groove
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2005 Dept of Dance Appointment
2006 Dept of Dance Appointment
My African Drum Teacher's Recommendation
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