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Empowering Hearts !!
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"Your workshops were both fun and educational. I was especially
impressed with your ability to get them all drumming so quickly."
Tracy Lewis - Big Brother Big Sister - School Match Coordinator

"Thank you so much for your Drums & Communication Workshop during
the Rochester AmeriCorps training session. You provided an excellent
team building activity and we would love to use you again soon."
David Monroe - Rochester AmeriCorps - Program Advisor

"Jeff is a fantastic cultural asset to any event. He brings a great energy
to any size audience regardless of age, ability or background."
Steve Appleton - Generation Cool - Director
"Music inspires the soul and is the language of beauty"
. . .  Join Us to Reconnect with the Magic ! !
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Empowering Hearts with Rhythm & Music !!
Empowering Hearts with Rhythm & Music !!
Empowering Hearts !!
Conceive  ~  Believe  ~  Achieve
The Most Recent Workshops & Events
Big Brothers Big Sisters
School Program North
Rose Elementary.
Wayne County's Big Brother
Big Sister School Program
at Clyde Elementary.
Fun Group Activity, Skills
Development, Healing
& Much More.
Regular Open Jams
at Sagawa Park
in Brockport
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Yes We Can !!
Hands On Percussion !!
Jamming at Sagawa Park in Downtown Brockport !!
Rochester Rhino's Ragin Rex !!
Rochester Soccer Mascot
Rex the Raging Rhino
Drums at Cool Kids
More Photos from This Event !!
Recreational Music Making &
Group Empowerment Drumming

No Musical Experience Necessary  /  Accessible to Everyone

Stress-Reduction, Team Building, Introduction to Music, After School Fun,
Developing Self-Expression / Communication Skills, Senior Exercise Classes
Healing-Spirit Circles, Group Support and Camaraderie Sessions, and Much More
After School Programs  ~  Interactive Workshops
Workplace Stress Management
My 17+ Years of Experience Will
Provide You with a Fun Activity
Created Specific to Your Needs...
Why Drumming? Everyone Can Participate, it's a Fun Way
to Bring People Together, and Combines a Number
of Proven Health
& Wellness Strategies.

These Programs are for All Ages & Group Sizes

Jeff Mann leads hands-on experiences that will engage each participant
with the Creative Learning Process. Group Drumming will
Critical Thinking, Improve Problem Solving, Sharpen Listening
, and Promote Active Participation. All while Developing Self-
Esteem, Artistic Expression, and an Appreciation for Cultural Diversity.
Programs In Schools

Workshops  ~  for small to medium sized groups of any age . . . and are
used as intensive studies of rhythm, structured activity, and much more.

Residencies  ~  With the help of the music teacher . . . we take over music
classes for the week. In each class students get personal instruction on striking
the drum, how to use vocalization to play different rhythms, and then learn to play
multi-part Afro / Latin music in a group setting ~ all in just a few short minutes.
Most of the class time will be for fun music making and not the instruction.

Performances  ~  are forty-five minutes to two hours. I teach the basics of playing a
drum to the whole room and then invite small groups of 15 to 25 students on stage to play.
Once the drummers and chorus are shown how to play a rhythm the audience participates
with clapping and vocals . . . this is when the 'magic' begins. Then every 12 to 20 minutes
another group comes onto the stage to play... and there's usually a surprise finale !!
To the Photo Gallery !!
To the Photo Gallery !!
To the Photo Gallery !!
To the Photo Gallery !!
To the Photo Gallery !!
To the Photo Gallery !!
A Call to Gather
A Team Building Exercise
To the Programs Page !!
To the Programs Page !!
Drumming has been used for centuries for the purpose of healing, ritual,
and celebration. Using the ancient wisdom passed down by indigenous
peoples, we can use harmony and balance to raise our positive
vibrations and promote healing for ourselves and each other.

The research shows that drumming is great for our health and vitality...
for the mind, body, and spirit. In these sessions,
Jeff will teach basic drum
techniques to produce a good sound, show why we use our voice to learn
rhythms, and how to find, explore, and express your Inner Spirit Voice.

As time allows, we will travel through different exercises that lower stress
levels, improve the body's immune response, increase an overall sense
of well-being, and will strengthen your connection to each other...
This is when the Magic Happens and Healing Begins ! ! !
Eugenio Maria de Hostos
Charter School
Click Here
REOC's Cultural Celebration
"Building Community"
Click Here
Cool Kid's in Sagawa Park
Downtown Brockport
Click Here
Camp Broncho-Power
Piperwood / Fairport
Click Here
Annual Strawberry Fest
Downtown Albion
Click Here
Migrant Education's Last
Summer School Day
Click Here
Annual Strawberry Fest
Downtown Albion
Click Here
Camp Broncho-Power
Piperwood / Fairport
Click Here
SUNY Brockport's Annual
Diversity Conference
Click Here
The Programs
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